OUTLAW BEARD BALM, based out of Las Vegas, NV. established in 2014. We are bearded men that are passionate about our facial hair and what it symbolizes as a man. We do not live by society's standards of what others think we should look like. Corporate America shoves the razor down our throats, and we say no more! We will not be forced to shave our manhood! We live life like "Outlaws" outside of what society says is right. We are Outlaw Beard Balm and we say Join Us THE OUTLAW BEARD CLUB WORLDWIDE in the No Shave Movement. Whether you have a short beard or a beard down to the ground!? Keep it growing and keep it healthy. Don't let your beard become dry, itchy, brittle, and worn. Don't look like a bum "Even Outlaws use proper beard care!"

 Outlaw Beard Balms & Beard Oils are handcraft with care from the highest quality all natural ingredients featuring the finest quality essential oils to provide your chin whiskers with the best beard care products on the market. Our line of Outlaw Beard Balms & Beard Oils are designed specifically with the health of your beard and skin in mind. They leave your beard feeling and looking thick, soft, healthy, and smelling great! We also hold our products to the highest standards of any other product on the market creating our beard care line in a highly sanitary laboratory/clean room to ensure the purest product you can find. 

We have six scents to choose from: 

★~Gold Rush~ It's a perfect sweet, woodsy blend your beard and the little lady in your life won't be able to live without. **sandalwood/cedar wood 

★~Liquid Gold~ Is a manly, woodsy blend with a splash of citrus. It's perfect for anytime of day or going out at night tearing up the town like an Outlaw! **cedar wood/bergamot 

★~Cash~ Is a refreshing blend reminiscent of a fresh cut tree with a splash of citrus. After applying this invigorating & manly scent you're going to feel like you took over the poker table and your pockets are overflowing with CASH!! **frankincense/bergamot     

★~Deadwood~ Sweet, & Woodsy with floral notes. A personal favorite. **rosewood/cedar wood/sandalwood 

★~Clean Slate~ Unscented for the Outlaw that is still walking the line, but doesn't want to leave a trail behind.

~ Private Stock ~ From fine cigars to the smoothest aged whiskey every good company has a top shelf, a " PRIVATE STOCK". Every Outlaw wants the finer things in life so we've created a special blend just for you. These blends are made from only the finest quality carrier oils: Golden Jojoba oil, Morroccan Argan oil, sweet almond oil, and for the balm we added a touch of coconut oil and yellow beeswax to give your beard the softness, shine, shape & hold you need to look great thought the day. We then add a fresh burst of citrus from Italian blood orange, a hint of French lavender, and a dash of dark patchouli that gives this deep conditioning styling balm and deep conditioning beard oil combo pack a mysterious fragrance unlike anything you have ever smelled before! Get yours today! *We only use all natural 100% therapeutic grade essential oils to create our scents. Enjoy!

☆ Attention nut allergies!! Our balms contain almond oil and argan oil. If you have nut allergies please contact us via email and we can make a balm special for you!!


No OBB products are reviewed by the FDA. We do not make any claims about the health benefits of any products. We offer only our opinions and resources based on research, product testing and customer reviews. This information is for educational purposes only, it is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or, diagnose any disease or condition. Nor is it intended to prescribe in any way. This information is for educational purposes only and may not be complete, nor may its data be accurate. We are not responsible nor liable for any health issues you may have.